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Valentines Day Flowers

Feeling a little cheeky, maybe you just want to surprise  someone you love, reignite the passion in your relationship. There are so many things you could say this Valentines day and nothing says it better than Flowers… Ok maybe adding some chocolates, and a softy cuddly toy will add to the experience.

Everyone’s lives are so busy so time is of a premium. You can now send flowers right from your iPhone using the “flowersbyphone” app or ” ipad Flowers” app for the iPad. All you need to do is go iTunes, search for florist and you will see the app free to download. Its so easy with a credit card or Paypal so you dont need to wait for the shops to open, or if you are a little shy you can do this from the privacy of your own home.  But if you dont have a smart phone you can also go to flowerbox.com.au  or happy1.com.au direct from your browser and order flowers for your valentine.

If you really want some assistance, call us on 4155 5566 or drop in to Flower Box Florists 72 bourbong Street, Bundaberg opposite Dick Smith Electronics. How easy is that…


flowersbyphone , iphone app in Australian Horticulture

everyone with an iphone should take a few moments to read the article in this Months “Australian Horticulture Magazine” on the “flowersbyphone” iphone app and the “flowerbox florist” ipad apps the first apps for a Florist in australia available for download on iTunes… we are all so busy these days and here is the perfect way to order flowers and a reminder service so you always remember every special occasion… check it out…

EziVase for everyday use-FlowerBox Florist Bundaberg


Ezivase... fill with water and just add flowers


So easy to use and carry. folds up into your handbag ladies, just fill with water and they stand by themselves.. available in 3 sizes for all bunches.. Call in to see the colours available, bring and colourful, soft pastels and patterned.. Ever sent flowers to a hospital and there is no vase for the flowers.. Problem solved at FlowerBox Florists in Bundaberg. Remember you can use you iPAD or IPhone to order flowers just search itunes for Florist and find “flowersbyphone” for the iphone and “flowerbox florist” on the ipad…


Valentines day flowers, Bundaberg florist


Valentines day combinations, bundaberg

flower, toys and chocolates Valentines day 2011

soft cuddly toys for valentines day 2011



Its such a special time helping friends and clients choose the right combinations for their loved one, friend partner and often to shy to make the first step. Call is and we’d love to help you and take the pressure out of sending flowers etc this valentines day.. so when you are looking for something a little different, drop in to 72 bourbong street here in Bundaberg to see the great looking window to display many of the ideas you have available…you can use your iphone (flowersbyphone) app or iPad  (flowerbox Florist app)  to order your choice or go to our websites, http://www.flowerbox.com.au or  just give us a call  4151 4681 .

Monday being the 14th doesn’t give you much time to organise things…check out a few pictures I took last night.. we even notice a couple having a quiet moment looking into the window.. does look good

Remember 14th february is the day..

flowersbyphone, iPhone and iPad apps..bundaberg florist

iphone and ipad apps, bundaberg florist Continue reading

Australia’s first florist App on iTunes…first for FlowerBox Florist Bundaberg

Today APPLE approved the first Florist iphone app in Australia to be downloaded on iTunes… The Flower Box Florist in Bundaberg has worked for 12 months to bring this app to you and now you can use your iPhone to purchase flowers with your iPhone. Remember to LOGIN to receive all the features, especially the “Occasions Reminder” so you will always Remember every birthday, anniversary and special occasion. You don’t need to send flowers just use the service …. its FREE and you’ll be reminded up to 5 days ahead of the  occasion when you allow PUSH notification at the very start of using the app…

You can use Credit card or PayPal to complete the purchase the purchase 24/7 so you can send flowers from almost anywhere, anytime you are in phone service..

Look forward to hearing your comments and ideas for the app in the future… the support website http://www.flowersbyphone.com.au will have lots of tips and hints on how to get the most of the iphone app… Apple excelled and surprised us with the quick approval… Call the shop, follow us on FaceBook, email us… just let us know your comments…and suggestion for added features in future updates.

  1. DOWNLOAD Florist app for iPhone  on iTunes