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Yellow Daffodils

its that time of year again when the daffodils are blooming and they are instore now…, cut the stems in put in fresh water every  day….Support Daffodil Day for Cancer Council.


EziVase for everyday use-FlowerBox Florist Bundaberg


Ezivase... fill with water and just add flowers


So easy to use and carry. folds up into your handbag ladies, just fill with water and they stand by themselves.. available in 3 sizes for all bunches.. Call in to see the colours available, bring and colourful, soft pastels and patterned.. Ever sent flowers to a hospital and there is no vase for the flowers.. Problem solved at FlowerBox Florists in Bundaberg. Remember you can use you iPAD or IPhone to order flowers just search itunes for Florist and find “flowersbyphone” for the iphone and “flowerbox florist” on the ipad…


Christmas at flowerbox florist bundaberg

We all love Christmas and just finished de orating the front window at flowerbox florist here in Bundaberg…check out the pic, lights look great, fancy decorations and makes us all inspired to create special arrangements for you all to enjoy… Come in a say merry Christmas we’d love to see you all, from all the Christmas elves …