Valentines day flowers, Bundaberg florist


Valentines day combinations, bundaberg

flower, toys and chocolates Valentines day 2011

soft cuddly toys for valentines day 2011



Its such a special time helping friends and clients choose the right combinations for their loved one, friend partner and often to shy to make the first step. Call is and we’d love to help you and take the pressure out of sending flowers etc this valentines day.. so when you are looking for something a little different, drop in to 72 bourbong street here in Bundaberg to see the great looking window to display many of the ideas you have available…you can use your iphone (flowersbyphone) app or iPad  (flowerbox Florist app)  to order your choice or go to our websites, or  just give us a call  4151 4681 .

Monday being the 14th doesn’t give you much time to organise things…check out a few pictures I took last night.. we even notice a couple having a quiet moment looking into the window.. does look good

Remember 14th february is the day..

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