order flowers on your ipad, flower Box florists Bundaberg

Here is a tip I learned from a friend.. while you are waiting for our new iPad app to be approved you can use Safari to create a icon of  http://www.flowerbox.com.au as a shortcut on your iPad..

flowerbox florist. create an icon for the ipad


Try this :  open the url   http://www.flowerbox.com.au in safari on your ipad, then click on the box with an arrow through it… see image below then  click Add to home screen… and bam you are done. You will now have an icon to use to have direct access to order flowers whenever you need. That was simple. Use the same process for any website. If the developer of the site has created a favicon image you will end up with a neat image like our site .. if not your will have alink with a screen image of  the from page.. does the same thing just not as easy to identify the icon at a glance.

Good luck and remember…Valentines day is 14 February…so when you are Creating a Memory.. make it a happy1 at  http://www.happy1.com.au

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