Christmas florist in bundaberg

Seasons greetings from Karen! Bundy’s local florist, right across the street from Dick Smith.

Christmas is getting closer and closer, so I bet you’ve starting thinking about decorating already. If your still looking for that perfect Christmas tree, The Flower Box can help you! We have even designed our trees for the smaller homes.

The service we bring you is our priority, so we are giving YOU the ability the design and create your own special tree. We are able to colour your tree a groovy green, ravishing red, glittery gold and even shiny silver. But maybe you are having a perfect pink Christmas, popular purple, even a chocolate brown theme? Well then your in luck! We can colour your tree just to your liking.

If your thinking a Christmas tree is just for your own cause, think again. Your grandparents may love a Christmas tree as a gift, even if they don’t have much room to display it.

Are your still clueless for this years Christmas decorations? Then just call and/or see the girls at your local florist, The Flower Box.

Creating a memory, make it a happy one.


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